AC Repairs in Saint Louis, MO

Missouri homeowners know that reliable air conditioning is a must to get through the hot summers safely and comfortably. At the first sign of any air conditioner problems, these owners know it’s time to set up repair services and find out if there is a major issue that could cause a total failure. HVAC professionals have the knowledge and training to find AC issues fast and repair them before families face extreme temperatures without cooling services. Find out more about air conditioning services available locally.  

Seasonal Cleaning for the Air Conditioner

Seasonal cleaning services are a necessary part of routine maintenance and improve the way the air conditioner performs. Technicians open up the interior and exterior units to perform a thorough cleaning and remove all debris that accumulated between seasons, and a clean AC improves the indoor air quality. They use appropriate chemicals to lift and remove dirt, dust, and other stuck-on debris from all major components. Learn more about routine maintenance and AC Repair through a local HVAC provider. 

Testing the Thermostat

The thermostat controls the room temperature and engages the system when the living spaces are at a higher temperature than the preferred setting. If the thermostat isn’t working properly, the air conditioner might not come on when expected, or it could operate too frequently. Service providers test the thermostat and determine if the component works properly or if they need to replace it. Contact a service provider if you need Air Conditioning Repair in Saint Louis to replace a thermostat. 

Sudden Short Cycling 

Short cycling happens when the thermostat isn’t reading the room temperature correctly. Hotspots or drafts that are nearby the thermostat increases short cycling, and an HVAC technician can inspect the home to find these issues and correct them. Technicians recommend window sealing or even sealing baseboards can block drafts around the thermostat and stop short cycling.  

The Air Conditioner Won’t Shut Down 

Air conditioners that do not shut down on their own increase energy costs and could make the property too cold. HVAC technicians inspect the electrical panel for issues that affect the circuit, and they also assess the compressor and thermostat. If the air filters are dirty, this could prevent the unit from producing cool air as expected and cause the system to run too long. 

It Won’t Turn On

Air conditioners that won’t turn on require an assessment of the thermostat to ensure it isn’t faulty. However, a loose wire around the electrical panel could stop the AC from coming on because there isn’t enough electricity flowing to the air conditioner. HVAC professionals can replace the damaged wires and restore power to the air conditioner and ensure that it comes on when it is supposed to and keeps the property comfortable all summer. However, if these repairs do not restore power to the air conditioner, it is time to replace it with a new unit, especially if the AC is over ten years old. 

There Isn’t Any Cool Air 

If the air conditioner is blowing hot air, the blower belt is broken or the refrigerant levels are too low. When refrigerant levels are too low or there is a leak, the evaporator coil could freeze. Technicians can inspect the air conditioner and determine what the problem is. Repair services restore cool air and ensure that the home remains at a comfortable temperature throughout the summer. Find out more about Saint Louis HVAC services and restoring cooling services in the home. 

All Rooms Aren’t Cool

If the family notices that one room is cooler than another, or any room is hot, the problem is a blockage in the ductwork, or the ductwork could be damaged. Air leaks are possible if the ductwork is damaged, and animals are likely to tear up the ductwork to stay cool during extreme weather. Inspections help the property owner determine if they need ductwork repairs or if the ductwork requires replacement services. If the property owner needs a new HVAC system, replacing the ductwork gives them a brand-new system, and all new installations are covered under the product warranty. These warranties replace faulty components including the new ductwork. 

Where to Get HVAC Services 

At T-Will Fix It Heating and Cooling, we offer comprehensive heating and cooling services for all property owners in our service areas. Our licensed and bonded HVAC technicians complete inspections, repairs, routine maintenance, and brand-new installations, and all of our services and products are guaranteed. Find out more about our services by setting up an appointment.