AC Installation in Saint Louis, MO

Dedicated air conditioning services are critical for all families in Missouri as summers are hot and harsh. If the air conditioner isn’t performing at peak performance levels, it’s time for the homeowner to call in a professional. Air conditioners that are failing require replacement quickly, and this is why many HVAC professionals recommend routine maintenance before the start of the season.

Professionals can replace an air conditioner quickly and keep the family safer and avoid health risks caused by extreme summer temperatures. Learn more about getting a brand-new air conditioner by talking to an HVAC professional.  

Calculate the Correct Unit Size

Air conditioning technicians calculate the correct unit size for the property. They measure each living space and calculate the area of the room and then multiply the area by 25 BTUs. Next, they add up the BTUs required for the entire home. The total BTUs indicate what air conditioner is the correct size to cool the home. Learn more about finding the right AC Installation for your home from a local HVAC provider. 

Find An Affordable Unit

The price tag of a new air conditioner could be overwhelming for a homeowner, especially if they do not have an emergency fund. However, this isn’t a problem when the HVAC provider offers an affordable payment plan, and some service providers offer financing for the new air conditioner.

It’s easier to get an AC Replacement in Saint Louis if the property owner doesn’t have to pay the full cost of the air conditioner upfront. Service providers present the homeowners with a full catalog of air conditioners that are appropriate for their home, and the customer chooses the unit that fits within their budget. 

Review the Noise Levels for the New Unit

Families want an air conditioner that cools the home, but it shouldn’t make a lot of noise every time it engages. Parents don’t want the air conditioner to start and wake a small child or disrupt anyone’s sleep, and a quiet unit won’t interrupt their television or movie viewing. When choosing an air conditioner, the owner must select a unit that has a noise level of around 50dB to avoid unwanted noise pollution in the home and minimize noises coming from the air conditioner. 

Energy Star Rating 

The ENERGY STAR rating determines how energy efficient the air conditioner is and how much the homeowner could save by installing the new air conditioner. When selecting a new air conditioner, homeowners must consider this rating and compare units based on the rating. For instance, they may want to pay a little more upfront for an AC that saves them hundreds of dollars each summer. Talk to an HVAC Company in Saint Louis about how ENERGY STAR ratings define how much homeowners save on energy costs. 

Compare Maintenance Costs

Routine maintenance tasks are necessary each year to keep the air conditioner running as expected for many years. In fact, most HVAC manufacturers outline routine maintenance tasks in the product warranty, and if the homeowner doesn’t hire a professional to complete these tasks, they may invalidate their warranty and not have coverage when it’s needed. When comparing AC units, the total cost of routine maintenance is a factor to consider. Some homeowners might pay more for a unit if the annual maintenance requirements cost less.  

Zoned Cooling Features

Zoned cooling features let the homeowner redirect the cool air to any living space, and the family could save money on their cooling demands. They can send cool air into primary living spaces during the day and send air to bedrooms at night. These terrific features prevent homeowners from cooling spaces that no one is in, and the energy savings is significant for families.  

Smart Home Connections 

Smart home connections give the property owner more control over their air conditioner, and they can adjust the settings from anywhere with a smartphone or tablet. If the homeowner is away from home, they can increase the temperature and prevent the air conditioner from running too much when no one is at the property. They can also adjust the temperature before they come home and ensure their home is cool upon their arrival.  

Where to Get HVAC Services 

At T-Will Fix It Heating and Cooling, we offer superior heating and cooling services, and our technicians complete new installations. Our HVAC professionals have the knowledge and training to help homeowners find the best air conditioner for their homes so they remain comfortable all summer. Discover more about our AC services by setting up a service call now.